Should I bathe my cat?

Should I bathe my cat?

Cats are known for their cleanliness, and this recognition is more than deserved: their tongues work back and forth for hours every day, doing their job well, but they can not always do everything. There are cases in which the owners must help … with a bath.

A bath, is it really necessary to bathe my cat? The fear of getting a cat wet not only scares the pussycat, the fear is also shared by the owner, who sometimes would do well to equip themselves with gardening gloves and helmet to bathe their beloved pussycat; )

Indeed, however docile the cats on the mainland, almost all of them become real lions when in contact with  water.

Therefore, before suffering a traumatic episode, let’s see if we can do it without damaging the animal’s health. I would already decree that the answer is yes, but there are exceptions that do justify a good bath.

Is it popular belief that cats bathe only by licking? Yes and no, because sometimes they are too dirty and it is more than necessary to bathe in water. The crux of the matter is whether they can handle their natural fear of water or not, and here we must say that their repulsion is not innate, everything is a matter of habit and condition.

Thus, the cat can be educated and accustomed to various activities, including bathing, and it is advisable to do it between the ages of 2 and 3 months, which is the stage of the social growth of the kitten.
In general, however, it is not necessary to bathe your cat. Although this is a controversial issue, the most accepted expert opinion says that a healthy and well-looking cat does not need to be bathed. Not, at least, on a regular basis, as they can lose the essential oils of their fur.
In brief, we can say that if there is no extraordinary circumstance where there is no reason to bathe your domestic cat, especially those with short hair. Bear in mind that the cat spends hours grooming. In conclusion: usual brushes and the cat’s own tongue are good substitutes for water.
They are true experts in cleaning their fur. They use their tongue, full of bristle with which they lick the dirt to stay clean and without odors.

If your cat has semi-long or long hair, it may need a dip in case its skin gets too oily. If this happens, it will depend on the breed and its adaptation, better or worse to the climate in which they live, as well as their own particularities, such as health, nutrition, customs, etc.

In what case would a bath be advised? When the cat gets dirty withdangerous products which can be ingested when licking themselves clean, like gasoline or different chemical products, when its hair becomes dirty and entangles and there is no way of removing the knots, and on any other occasion recommended by the veterinarian.