Our philosophy:

The Passatge Dels Gats is a delegation for cats which is part the association ADAANA, which works not only to rescue, but provide a new opportunity for mistreated animals, either abandoned or in catteries, which may possibly be close to the point of being put down.

Refuge: The Passatge dels Gats provides shelter, care and affection to the rescued cats until they find their ideal home, ensuring a good quality of life and encouraging them to socialise and interact with other felines and humans alike, with the possibility of even meeting their future family.

Adoption: The adoption process follows a protocol whereby we seek to find, for each individual animal, the most adequate family, trying to guarantee responsible and appropriate owners.

Attention: These animals are thoroughly checked by a veterinarian (identified, dewormed, vaccinated, sterilized, etc.) before being fostered into our friendly and caring family, the Passatge Dels Gats.


What do I feed my cat?

Meat? Milk? Grapes? Frozen food? Here you can see some foods that we
usually give our cats and that may or may not be harmful to them.
Cats love eating and sometimes like to eat amazing things…

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