Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my own cats with me?

No, the animals who live in El Passatge dels Gats follow a strict veterinary control. Without being able to guarantee the same for other cats, their entry is deemed a risk and therefore they are not granted entry.

In addition, our cat residents have gone through a temporary process of adaptation to the club.

Should I book in advance to come to CatCafé?

It is recommended, especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, also if you would like Gold entry for the snack or Platinum entry for the delight. And of course if you are a large group it would be advisable to book in advance. We need to control the capacity of visitors so that the experience is as pleasant as possible, both for the visitors as well as for the felines.

To guarantee a reservation, booking online is advisable and is easy to complete.

I have an allergy to animals, can I still visit?

Being aware of this, you should risk assess your own allergy degree,
and how you might be affected. We can not administer any medication.
We recommend that you consult your doctor or specialist beforehand, if
you have any doubts.

Would it be possible to take a cat home?

All the members of El Passatge dels Gats are looking for a family. Our
best advice is that you come and get to know them, to ensure that
there is an ideal affinity between you, your family and the cats

Can we pay by debit/credit card?

Yes, of course.

Can I bring my children?

Two children should be accompanied and supervised by at least one
adult at all times.

Please advise your children not to run, scream, jump, climb or move
the furniture and of course encourage them to treat the cats with lots
of love and respect.

The accompanying adults will be responsible at all times to supervise
their children to ensure that they comply with the rules. If not, they
will be kindly asked to leave the premises.

We must remember that El Passatge dels Gats is a great shelter for
felines which have suffered abuse and neglect. We are not a circus or
a nursery.

Can I donate cats?

All the cats that become part of our family at El Passatge dels Gats
do so through an association / protector, which ensures that they meet
the minimum requirements, such as: sterilization, vaccination,
deworming, tests and identification with microchip. We can not accept
cats from individuals.

Can I feed the cats?

Guests are not allowed to give them food or drink, as they follow a
specific diet.

Can I brush them?

Brushing is not allowed.

Can I pick them up and pet them?

Visitors are not allowed to pick them up or hold them against their
will. Remember that we are guests in their home and they are free to
roam wherever they please within the premises, without restraint.
Wednesday to Friday 04,00pm-09,00pm
Saturday 04,00pm-09,00pm
Sunday 04,00pm-09,00pm
Carrer Túria Nº28
46008 València