Rules and advice for your stay


If these rules are breached a member of staff, with consideration for the safety of the cats and ourselves as paramount, may invite you to leave the establishment. You need to read them carefully in the event of good practice in the club and if you have any questions we will be more than happy to assist and help:

1º Every person who enters the Club does so at their own risk and responsibility, being aware of the presence of the feline. Guests and children with allergies must take special care, as we can not administer any medication.

2º The entry of children under 13 years of age is not permitted without being accompanied by at least one adult for every two minors, who will supervise and be fully responsible for their behavior.

3º Please keep your mobile phone on silent. We do not tolerate noise of an unpleasant volume as we aim to create and maintain a relaxing atmosphere for the cats, try not to forget that we are in their home.

4º Please be aware that other animals are not allowed inside the club.

5º Any type of aggression towards the felines is prohibited, nor aggressive games are acceptable. Suitable toys to have safe fun with the cats are available within the club, at your disposal.

6º Taking photos as perfectly acceptable, but please be aware not to use flash, as this can startle the felines.

7º Please do not feed the cats or kittens. These animals follow a strict diet and we must have total control over their intake of food, with their best interests at heart.

8º We must respect their resting times when the cats require sleep, please do not hold them in your arms, force them to be in your company or hold them back, because they may not like this and they could react negatively. They will decide when it is time to play and when they want pampering. Remember, we are their guests.

9º On entering the CatCafé please go to the bar before touching any cats, as you must wash your hands with the STERILLIUM gel beforehand.

10º Please Make sure you respect the allotted time of your visit.

11º No food or drink from outside the club should be consumed, or brought onto the premises.

12º Please also remember not to run, shout, jump, climb or move the furniture.


It is not advisable to enter the establishment wearing strong perfume or garments/jewellery with hanging or loose elements.

If you wish, you can find information cards fpr individual cats who are looking for a family, in these files you will find all kinds of information about each one of them, their history and their personality, please respect the character of each feline.

The cats love to sleep, they can sleep up to 20 hours a day. Please do not interrupt their rest. Although you can caress them with care while they dream, let’s not forget that the cats are at home, and during some of your visits you may meet them during their resting periods.

We must walk around carefully and watch where we put our feet, as these beautiful animals are very active and they often like to move around between our legs. Please also be extra careful when opening and closing doors.

In case of an accident (a scratch or bite fir example) please inform a member of the Club staff.

If you see or smell something that you do not like, please notify a club staff member. Whether it be litter stones, cat hair on your chair, some inappropriate behavior from any of the animals… If you let us know, we can fix it and make your stay at the Club as pleasant
as possible.

Reservations are made by default for 90 minutes except in the late hours, where the reservation is adjusted for closing times. Reservations will be kept for 15 minutes after the reserved time. After said time they may be cancelled.

When your allotted visiting time is due to finish, it would be greatly appreciated if you could come to the bar to tell us about your experience.

We would appreciate that before leaving us you could let us know, to enable the monitoring and control of the safe openings of the doors.

You can book through our website or call in at the CatCafé.

You can also buy ticket entry for your family and friends, these are available at the CatCafé, where you can pay for admission and we will provide a voucher that the beneficiary must present to validate their ticket entry.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding and cooperation!
Wednesday to Friday 04,00pm-09,00pm
Saturday 04,00pm-09,00pm
Sunday 04,00pm-09,00pm
Carrer Túria Nº28
46008 València